120pcs Ceramic Industrial Magnets Craft Magnets 18mm (11/16 inch) Powerful [Grade 11] Refrigerator Magnets, Ferrite Magnets, Magnets for Crafts, Hobby & Science Projects School etc by iTechVue

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Powerful Ceramic (Ferrite) Magnets for Crafts, Office, School, Home, Kitchen etc. by

Used as - Craft Magnets, Refrigerator Magnets or Fridge Magnets etc.
&hearts Loved by Teachers, Parents and Students &hearts
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Into Crafts? These are the perfect magnets for crafts and hobbies
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Cheryl Sinisi
March 1, 2018
These little magnets are perfect for my concrete magnets. They hold extremely well with a small drop of E6000 glue .
I highly recommend these magnets. Their true size is about the width of a dime and as thick as3 dimes together.
We certainly be reordering lots more.

Have already placed and received second order!!! Couldn't be happier with these magnets !!
Our second order and can't explain how strong these are. Add alittle drop of E6000 glue and your magnet is secured and ready to hold your item a at least four pieces of paper or two Extre large post cards.
March 2, 2018
Amazing little magnets. I used these on top of small plastic 30ml jars of glitter that stick to a piece of sheet metal on the wall to make a glitter gallery for my Nail glitters. These went above and beyond my expectations and would definitely work to hold up h avowed items such as small glass jars for a spice rack or even makeup palletes for a wall hanging magnet board. You can’t go wrong with these magnets. I’m going to buy more to finish my glitter wall. I bought 5 boxes initially and will buy another 5 more to have to finish out what I need as well as having them when I add more in the future. Shipping was fast and secure as always with Amazon.
January 10, 2018
You can't complain too much about the magnetic pull from these due to their small size. It's pretty much what I expected and have been used to hold up sheets of paper or notes to the fridge. Holiday cards were a bit more dicey with heavier weight paper stock putting a bit more strain on keeping things in place.
September 30, 2017
I read reviews of so many magnets before I finally took the chance on these and I'm glad I did. They are small, about the size of a nickel but they are super strong. I bought these so I could add Halloween decorations to my garage doors and front door. I gorilla glued them to little foam bats and put them up two weeks ago. They have held up through two windy rain storms and a few windy days so far without even budging. Two magnets hard cracks in them but were not fully broken. I will update my review if anything changes but so far, they are holding strongeven with opening/closing the garage doors daily. I used every last magnet and I didn't think I would. If these hold hold up until after Halloween I will definitely buy more to make other garage door decorations for the other holidays. While they aren't holding up much weight for my decorations, the description says they can hold a few lbs.
Scott Roberts
January 8, 2018
Ok magnets at a pretty good price. I use them in my 8th grade science classroom to build shake generators. They're also useful keeping stuff stuck to my whiteboards!

update: I bought two boxes of these magnets. After using them with my students for two weeks, at least 25% of the magnets are broken. I'm unsure if this is an issue with the quality of these magnets, or something common to all ceramic disc magnets.
chris depaolis
August 19, 2017
Have to say I was unsure of ordering these cause I wasn't sure it would be perfect for what I wanted them for. But reading the description. Which was spot on. I ordered them and they were prefect. Exactly what I was looking for and worked perfect for how I wanted to use them. Trust me I don't usually like to write the reviews but this place was straight in with the Info of the item and they worked prefect. I know I'll be using this company again and will totally refer others.
Great job guys and keep up the great work. Thank you again for the hrs work yiu do to make sure customers are happy
YAN Ping
December 10, 2017
I bought this specifically for my C9 Christmas light. I have an iron fence that I need to light up, after 2 years of trying different ties and untie it for every season, I decided to attach magnet to the bottom of the light to save me sometime. This magnet is perfect size (exactly the same
size of the C9 setting), i just need to glue it at the bottom of each lights and put them above the fence.
The reason of minus 1 star is
1) this is black ceramic type, not the silver nickel type. The black color does come off a little on you hand. And the surface is not shiny finished.
2) the power is slightly weaker than I expected. The nickel type magnet does provide stronger power but I couldn't find any nickel type that's in this size.

Overall it does the job and I do recommend to use this to change your xmas light to be quick attachable.
Shipping was supper fast too!
February 22, 2018
Great price for a large quantity of magnets. Shipped in a little box, these things had a lot more force than I expected. I used them to make bottle cap magnets for our beer fridge with some hot glue. They have dimple on one side to give identify the poles of the magnets which is nice.

To make the bottle cap magnets I had to glue 2 of these together to keep them from scrapping the fridge. I put some glue on on magnet, then as I moved the other toward it, the magnet with glue on it flew up to the one I was holding from a couple of inches away. Pretty shocking the first time, but make it easy to finish.

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