Argus Le ALB5010 Slow Masticating Fruits and Vegetables Quiter and Higher Juicing Rate, Cold Press Juicer Machine with 3 Minutes Quick Clean, Medium, Silver

  • ☛ Silent Work - This slow juicer uses a low noise and high torque motor to maintain a very low noise level while working at full speed
  • ☛ Slow And Powerful - Benefiting from the low noise and high torque motor, the Argus Juicer works at low speed and at the same time, the higher torque can squeeze fruits and vegetables more fully. This is the same principle that a car can climb more easily at low speed gear. Lower speed, better juice experience
  • ☛ Simple Operation - The operation of this Argus juicer is so simple. You just need to cut the fruits and vegetables and put them inside the juicer, start the machine, then you can get nutritious juice
  • ☛ Easy To Dismantle and Assemble - Thanks to the research and development experience of the previous three generations, we have updated the structure of the juicer to make it easier to assemble and disassemble. The whole process does not even take one minute.Andt he cleaning process is not more than 3 minutes
  • ☛ Quality Guarantee - All parts are made of BPA free food grade material, we also provide 2 year warranty and 24 hours customer service
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