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NEW Carburetor for YAMAHA GRIZZLY 50 X. Stroke. BRAND NEW. 1x Carburetor. 1x Throttle Base Cover. 1x Throttle Base Rubber Gasket. 1x Throttle Cable Clip. 3x Base Cover Screw. Carburetor mostly fits: Yamaha Models. 007 - 01 GRIZZLY 50 x.


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Steven C. Adler
December 4, 2017
My 2007 Grizzly 450 ran intermittently poorly. It would sputter and lurch and couldn't go faster than about 15 MPH. I noticed it ran 'slightly' better with a little 'choke', so based on that I thought I would take a chance by replacing the carburetor. The repair job wasn't that hard - took maybe 2.5 hours for me because I've never worked on the Grizzly before. The new carb fit perfectly and after I gassed her up, she started right up and ran perfectly. The only adjustment I had to make was to tweak the idle speed once she was warmed up. Its only been a week now but I use the Grizzly every day as a utility vehicle. She's running PERFECTLY now, with no hesitation. Great carb for a great price. Highly Recommended.
Fortunate Son
December 26, 2016
Would bog down and stall every time I gave it gas. I had to use the slide assembly out of my old carb to get this to work (Grizzly 450). Then it worked fine.
None of the jets were marked, so I have no idea how this is jetted compared to my old carb.
Also, pay attention to shipping times. This will take a few weeks to arrive as it is coming from China.
June 18, 2017
This is the second one I have bought the first one got water in the carb and sat there for a year and rusted pretty badly. Of course I don't think it's the manufacturer's fault. You won't find a better deal. I loved both of the ones I bought. Just bolt it on and it fired right up. I would definitely recommend
June 24, 2017
My '09 Grizzly 450 became sluggish, barely running more than 15mph. Online forums weren't much help. I decided to buy this carb. After a couple of months just sitting in my garage, I installed and the ATV runs like new! The carb was exactly as promised, delivered on time, and was setup and tuned perfectly. Back up to top speed!
April 3, 2017
A little difficult to replace and time consuming to replace, but for never changing one before I found it pretty simple. It worked first try and only needed a slight throttle adjustment at the thumb-switch. Do yourself a favor and use ETHANOL FREE Gas! It is worth the extra money.
D. Neeley
July 30, 2016
Well, I was shocked more than surprised that I even found this on Amazon. This carburetor worked perfectly on my 2007 Grizzly 450. This beats paying $25 for a rebuild kit. I highly recommend.
September 23, 2017
Worked great on my 2007 grizzly 450.
August 13, 2018
i am very pleased ! simple direct replacement no adjusting at all fired grizzly right up! i highly recommend this carburetor.

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