Dorman 38434 Door Hinge Check Pin, Pack of 4 Dorman - HELP

  • Dorman Door Check Pin 38434
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May 4, 2016
Will need to be sized as they are not wide enough to provide tight fit for either the bracket or Door Check assembly.

I installed these in my front doors. Bought OEM brackets to replace the wallowed originals.

Installed passenger door first, immediately noticed both the pin and assembly had play. So, before installing driver door I spaced the pin with a small screwdriver. Upon install (same manner as passenger) the pin bent to a 60* angle. Luckily they give you four. Pulled it out, ended up installing another one as is and noticed the driver door same play as passenge.

Went to dealership and bought Mopar. Immediately noticed the OEMs were spaced wider..and the pins themselves were a hair taller.

Replaced Dormant pin with Mopar and the play between the pin/bracket as well as pin/assembly were gone on the passenger side. Driver side still had play between pin/assembly (needs to be replaced) but the bracket/pin fit snug and tight.

Even replaced the rear passenger pin with OEM, and everything fit snug between the old bracket and new pin.
Bryan Lowry
July 25, 2018
They helped my old jeeps doors.
November 1, 2016
Good pins, well made, perfect fit, low price, and stops the door popping noise.
Chris Boehm
June 5, 2018
completely eliminated the door "pop" on our 96 XJ. Now if I could just muffle that annoying sound coming from the passenger seat!
December 5, 2017
Door check hinge pins. Yup. They worked perfectly.
May 21, 2015
I replaced the door check in my 99 jeep cherokee and reused the old pin thinking it would be fine. The old pin had some play in it so it eventually snapped and broke off. These pins are a great replacement and fit perfectly.
January 18, 2018
Just what we needed.
Raymond B. Mcguire
March 30, 2014
Use to replace the pins on my 2door xj. Works fine as do most dorman product. My door no longer has that "click" when openning the door.

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