Fellowes MobilePro Series Deluxe Mini Tablet Case Folio for iPad Mini 1/2/3 (8201801)


Style:iPad Air / Air 2

  • Slim, mobile workstation allows you to conveniently carry and work with your iPad mini 1/2/3
  • Smart Connect Case allows for an iPad mini 1/2/3 to be used in-folio, free-standing or hand-held, in vertical or horizontal orientation, and at three viewing angles
  • Smart Connect System magnetically attaches cover of Deluxe mini Folio to cover of Fellowes MobilePro Series Bluetooth Keyboard (sold separately)
  • Can be used left- or right-handed
  • Folio features business card holders, pen loop, file folder, refillable jr. legal writing pad pocket and magnetic closure
  • This item’s packaging will indicate what is inside and cannot be hidden.
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November 12, 2017
This is a really fantastic case if you use your iPad as a reference for taking notes or sketching. I searched long and hard before I found this and it turned out perfect for my needs.
February 5, 2018
Impressed, really like it...very handy and well protects, the pad of paper is much needed as youu2019ll always find yourself using it. Great build quality.
September 23, 2018
Tablet holder is also a stand that works wonderfully and can be used either inside the folio or stand alone.
Not too big or bulky and is perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to take notes.
Tiffany G.
October 4, 2018
One of the u201clegsu201d that assist the iPad in standing is broken. It broke the 2nd week! The stand still works though. I know Iu2019ll have to replace it soon. Iu2019d probably order the same one.
Amazon Customer
March 20, 2018
Love it.
Reader Rabbit
May 24, 2017
Perfect for my purpose and well made.
March 13, 2016
iPad pro review -
This is a must-have case for business professional who are on-the-go, and helps transition the iPad pro into a convenient desktop replacement.

I am going to start with the potential negatives (depending on your needs): this is very heavy, making it not practical for extended handheld use. The hard inner-case weighs a pound (nearly doubling the weight of the already heavy iPad pro: combined weighing 2.5 pounds). The outer shell adds an additional 2 pounds, making the assembly weigh in at 4.5 pounds (with the iPad). The inner case is also uncomfortable and clunky for one-handed use, and doesn't give much
Traci \ud83d\udd75\ud83c\udffb\u200d\u2640\ufe0f\ud83d\udc68\u200d\ud83d\udc69\u200d\ud83d\udc67\ud83d\udc5c
March 21, 2016
The iPad Pro is a very large tablet. Henceforth it needs a very large case. This is it. I'm typing my review on my Pro which is being housed in this case. As you can see, the tablet goes on the left hand side and there is a good old-fashioned notebook/tablet on the right hand side. You don't like that setup? Switch it around! This case allows you to flip the tablet so it's on your right and you merely change the tablet so it feeds from the top on the left-hand side! VERY versatile! If you got the pencil (and I suggest that you do), there is a holder for it. A stylus can be used as well.

There is a pocket to put letter-sized papers in and slots for business or credit cards. It's basically your office-on-the-go!

The pros are that your tablet will be fully protected if the case is closed, you can use it in the holder in the landscape or portrait mode, and the closure is magnetic. In addition your tablet is VERY secure when in the holder. The holder is magnetic so when you aren't using the tablet in an upright position its secure-extremely secure. Another great feature is the ability to put it in portrait or landscape mode in three different angles. It helps with typing. When you have the pro in the landscape mode and it's angled correctly, typing is much easier than any iPad you've probably ever used in the past.

There are cons. You have to struggle to get the tablet out of the holder. I always get concerned about scratching with that. With the tablet in it you have a bulky, heavy item. You'll look professional but you'll gain some muscle. To solve that issue I'd simply put it in an attachu00e9 or professional bag to make it easier.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. While you may want a thinner case for everyday use, this is most assuredly the choice for professional use.

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