Gold Laptop Privacy Screen Filter for 13.3 Inch Widescreen Display Laptops (16:10 Aspect Ratio) & MacBook Air. High Clarity Anti Glare Protector Film for Data confidentiality (GF133W1B) Air Mat



:12.5 WIDESCREEN (16:9)

  • ✅ NO MORE PRYING EYES ! – Feel secure using proven, Laptop Computer Privacy Screen patented GOLD micro-louver technology based on LG and 3M specifications at a fraction of the price. Best for public and high traffic areas; airplane, airport, bus, offices, and for financial / health care providers. Compatible with major brands : Chromebook, Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo - X1 Carbon Thinkpad.
  • ✅ GOLD FOR OTHERS – Crystal high clear vision for you 25% Clearer than Black Privacy Screens. The screen is GOLD and vision is BLOCKED from the side (beyond 30 deg) but clear from the front. The display fades gradually as you move to the side until vision is completely blocked. TIP - LOWER Brightness to improve view angle and privacy.
  • ✅ FITS 13.3” DISPLAYS (16:10 ratio)– NOTE WE OFFER 2 DIFFERENT 13.3" FILTERS - CHECK 1st - designed to fit Widescreen Laptop Displays, Notebooks, Tablets measuring 13.3 inches diagonally. Filter Size: 11 5/16" x 7 1/16" (287mm x 179). MEASURE TWICE, BUY ONCE.
  • ✅ REDUCE EYE STRESS with Gold Anti-glare, Anti-Blue light & Anti Scratch properties (reducing more than 97% of UV and LF radiation and curbs 70% blue light). The filter is lightweight, thin and frame-less in design and is a Screen Protector Film for your Laptop.
  • ⚙️ - EASY INSTALLATION – choose between 2 simple Options; Slide-On/Off or Mounted. EXTRA BONUS set of genuine 3M adhesive tape and slide mount tabs included. 30 DAY RETURNS - No Questions Asked ! Based in USA.
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Eric P.
August 28, 2017
This privacy screen is great and easy to use. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was due to the instructions. It would be helpful is the manufacturer would separate instructions out. By this, I mean have a set of instructions for applying the privacy screen onto monitors, and a section for applying the privacy screen onto laptops.

If you are looking at applying this screen to a laptop, or monitor without a raised "frame," skip to the instruction set using the two-sided tape to apply. The "slide-in" attachments only work on monitors with a raised frame.
Carlos M.
January 12, 2017
Let me start off by saying that this privacy filter IS touchscreen compatible and is overall pretty good.

It is very slightly (a mm or 2) less wide than my screen and would be better if it were longer since it leaves a tiny sliver without the filter. Not that you can see much from that sliver anyway, but just know it may be a little too small.

In my case, the filter subtracts about 30-40% from my screen brightness when looking at it normally (i.e 100% brightness is about 70-60% with the filter). This particularly doesn't bother me since I prefer minimal brightness settings anyway. This is the only filter I've ever owned so I do not know if it because the filter needs to be thinner because of the touch compatibility or what, but it only "totally" blacks out the screen from an angle at the lowest brightness settings (10% or less). But it is great at substantially reducing the brightness regardles. And yes, the 30° viewing limit is accurate, perfect for tight settings (dark/black even when looking from one seat over). Though, looking from above or below is not darkened at all.

Also know, that the tabs are supposed to be applied to monitors with a bit of dip in the surface (have a raised border around the screen). So, if you're going to use this with a relatively modern monitor or laptop that has a totally flat surface, just know you'll probably have to use the double-sided tape to apply it (10-12 strips included but only about 4 needed to apply correctly) and you can see the tape regardless of how perfectly you apply them, though they are pretty neglible if put only on the corners.

A bit of a finicky accessory, but it works great.
Isobel Devi
March 18, 2018
Installation took about 30-45 minutes onto my Asus 2 in 1 notebook. I bought the exact size of my screen, and realised after that I may have benefitted from a slightly larger size because the screen size didn't include the .5" bezels which made the fitting a little tricky to avoid having a sliver of light peek through around the sides. Not impossible but tricky. The part that butt hurt me was the weird little notch on one side. I have no idea why it's made but it creates a distracting light spot in my screen.

On to functionality: yes it blurs the screen but not as much as I would have wanted. It's not totally dark and you can still make up shapes from the sides. This is disappointing because the whole point was for me to be able to do edit my graphic content anywhere and I could definitely make out images from the sides even though text is obscured.

So it works but may not work for all proposes and if your screen has a large bezel go a size up.
The Verdant Dreamer
November 13, 2018
Bad puns aside, this was a handy little screen - and when InterOffice Solutions requested a review, I thought I'd show my appreciation for their feedback requesting my feedback, here we are!

First, the bad; unfortunately, the product didn't work too well for me, because of the location of my office. The bulk of the glare coming through my window reflects off the wall; and there's nothing a screen/glare/dust protector can do about that.

However, that's a human error, and nothing to do with the screen protector itself! It's incredibly light and easy to apply/re-apply if you put it in wrong the first time, or want to clean it. You'll want to make sure your measurements are exact; I think I could've been off a bit and it would have still fit well, though, which I consider a strong plus.

In terms of protecting the screen from dust/grit, it does it's job well. You'll want to make sure your screen is really clean before applying, though, or else you'll just trap stuff underneath! The microfibre cleaning rag that comes with works fine for this, if you aren't one to keep your screen clean in the first place. Place-ean..?

Finally, although I don't have any privacy concerns, if you're planning to use it in an office/public setting, the added shade really /does/ create a nice window, so that your boss can't notice you browsing discount lava lamps while you're supposed to be working. (You monster, you.) What's better, is that the anti-glare/privacy features don't detract from visibility, which can always be a tricky balance with privacy screens.

In short, although the product didn't work entirely for the use I had in mind for it, I'd definitely recommend it! Hope this helps prospective buyers.
September 23, 2018
This is a quality screen privacy filter, it does what it’s supposed to do. The installation was quick and easy with clear instructions. There’s an option to permanently install the filter or to temporarily install it (ablility to slide on and off as needed). The only reason I’m removing a star is because it’s fairly expensive compared to other top rated items.
June 5, 2017
It's exactly as I requested. However I have to say I wasn't looking for this problem, but just be aware its not polarized. I have a portable monitor and I like to keep it vertical. The privacy filter no longer has its privacy function in this orientation. I personally don't mind, but just a fair warning for others! Do not buy this if you're looking for a privacy filter for both orientations.

Update: There's another comment about air bubbles, to which I made sure to take off all of the protective film. I still like the product however the air bubbles exist. I think it might be because one side has a matte finish and the other is satin. I prefer the matte facing me so every so often I have to pull the protector off to remove the bubbles.

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