Griot's Garage B140F6 6.5' BOSS Finishing Foam Pads (Pack of 2) Griot' s Garage


Size:5 Inch

  • Thermo-set bonding system eliminates delamination and is machine washable.
  • Premium loop attachment for strong lasting backing plate adhesion.
  • Low profile ensures high pad rotation for maximum correction and control.
  • Center cooling hole increases durability, while the chamfered edge maximizes footprint for increased productivity and finish protection.
  • Ultra-Soft Foam refines light scratches while adding depth and clarity to the finish.
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Constructed from ultra-soft foam, the BOSS Finishing Foam Pad is made to team with BOSS Perfecting Cream or BOSS Finishing Sealant to deliver optimal depth and clarity on the most delicate paint finishes. Our 8mm (5/8-inch) thick, low-profile BOSS buffing pads have been designed for unrivaled energy transfer and defect removal. Their low center of gravity and feathery weight improves tool stability and pad control for smoother operation. The 5.5" pad weighs 14 grams, and 6.5" pad weighs 1 grams. We use the highest quality euro foam cut to our specifications and all BOSS pads feature a center intercooling hole designed to resist heat buildup on the pad face and eliminate pad dishing and other pad surface damage.


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July 13, 2016
Waxing is much faster with this pad and my Griot's orbital buffer. I use this pad with my wax of choice and it always goes on even and looks great after. These BOSS pads do work with the 6" Griots orbital buffer.

I keep my pads in a plastic ziploc bags and clean them by hand with Griot's microfiber cleaner. They always come out clean and last a long time. I have used my pad over and over again and it still looks new.
mike m master tec
June 11, 2017
excellent and easy to use
April 22, 2016
Good product.
February 25, 2016
So far, so great.
Glenn W
June 14, 2016
the Boss G15 random orbital polisher is awesome lots of compliments

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