LYLLA CREE U5 LED Lamp Headlight Fog Light Spotlight for Motorcycle/ATV/Truck w/ ON/OFF Switch Button (Pack of 2) HANSBO M


Color:2 Pcs of 1-Mode U5 + Switch

  • 3 Modes: High-Low-Strobe. It will switch among these three modes by turn on/off every time (You will get a switch as a gift!). With original CREE U5 light bead, brighter and more stable, make your motorcycle the coolest on the road!
  • Input Voltage: 12V DC, universal fit for motorcycle, boat, cars, trucks, motor, ATV, etc; Easy Installation, direct Replacement, Red cable is "+", Black cable is "-"
  • Designed to be vibration-proof and water-resistant with LYLLA's sealing technology (but cannot be put into water); Environmental protection aluminum alloy casing. Notice: the fixed base of position doesn't allow to rotate it
  • Extremely bright even in the daytime. Improving visibility at night or in bad weather; Low power consumption, super long life time
  • 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE, Your satisfaction is our TOP priority. 45 days money back warranty or simply a replacement. Order Now!
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

Brand CREE U5 Motorcycle LED Headlight/Fog Light/Spot Light

Waterproof,dust-proof, rust-proof, anti-collision, anti-corruption, spot beam for extreme conditions.
3 build-in modes operations(high Beam, low Beam, Flashing).
Extremely bright even in day light.
Long range focused beam allows you see far way or through the darkness.

Technical Parameters:
Light Power: 1W
Actual power: 10W
Light function: upper beam, low beam, flash
Environment Temperature: -40---40 degree centigrade
Flux: 1000LMW
Led color temperature: 6000k-7000k
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Material: strengthening aluminum alloy
Range: 200 meters
Red wire positive & black wire negative
Material: aluminum alloy, very beautiful
Body Color: Black
Universal Fit motorcycles,trucks, boat, ATV

Continuous switch a super white head, two near the light, flashing three invincible
LED: The world's top CREE U5 LED lamp beads
Attention: Light do not direct line of sight, so as not to affect the front of the driver of the vehicle traffic accidents
Effective protection battery
Reduce maintenance cost
Service life over 30,000 hours
Headlight life no maintenance, environmental protection
Material is aluminum alloy, very beautiful
Design radiator, radiator more ideal
Unique invincible blasting flash function

Package Includes:
2 pcs of U5 LED
1 pcs of switch as a gift


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Joe B.
July 25, 2016
Measurements show that it is in fact 10 watts. 800 mA at 12.6 V, 730 mA at 13.6 V, 700 mA at 14.2 V. Luminous output is just about the same as my 10 W flashlight. The spot pattern is a bright central square area surrounded by a less bright circular area. At 1 foot, the central area is about 1 inch and the outer area is about 6 inches, at 6 feet, the central spot is about 12 inches in diameter and the outer area is about 3 feet.

The front bezel / lens holder / heat sink is made of aluminum and the inner housing is made of plastic. There is a nice gland where the wire enters to keep out water. The lens on the front is plastic. the whole light assembly is housed in a sheet metal cage which allows a mount and also presumably keeps your hands off it because it does run a little warm. After about 30 minutes of operation at an ambient temp of 82 F, the aluminum lens holder is at 170F in still air.

I gave it four stars because of the shipping hassles, after 3 weeks, I only received one light and a switch. I had to contact the seller several times but in the end, they sent me an extra light (total of 3) for the trouble. I should receive the other two lights in about 3 weeks and will update this review when they arrive.


One of these lights has failed after about 50 hours of use. The actual LED had failed. I doubt it was a cree. After all the issues I have had with these, I would not buy them again.


Less than a year and all of these have failed. The actual LED is bad. Don't buy them!
June 27, 2016
Received the lights fast. These lights are super bright and well made. I had an issue with the switch, but didn't need it, because I hooked up the wires straight to my headlight. I mounted the lights on my Woodcraft frame sliders on my FZ-07. Definitely worth every penny.
January 13, 2018
Initially enjoyed the lights. Worked extremely well on my ktm adventure. Only had them installed for about 3 weeks and one of the circuit cards came apart so the light stopped working. Very poor quality and did not last at all. Guess you get what you pay for.
Milton Solano
August 15, 2017
I bought this pair of LED lamps for my VStrom 650, 2016, based of another review on Stromtrooper website. First off; PRICE was unbeatable. I searched for many models, types, ratings, etc. and these from Lylla were the best bang for the money. Second: BUILT: inside the package there were two lamps and two switches, along with all the wires. The materials seem to be sturdy, not unbreakable aluminium and seems to be well sealed in the LED section. INSTALLATION: was very easy if you know what are you doing. I used the heater grip connector to obtain 12V from battery and connected the switch to the handlebar. Then wired each lamp and installed the lamps below the directional lights.

So far, I have ridden the led lamps on downpours, tropical storms and extreme heat conditions down here in Panama City, Panama and the lamps are doing great. No issues so far and keep going. Now in traffic I'm more visible to others. So far, I'm really satisfied with my purchase.
August 13, 2017
Hello Everyone, after my candid and objective review, Hansbo who has been working with me to rectify the flashing function issue with the lights, got in touch with me and sent a new set at zero cost to me.

I very much appreciate their guesture of helping the customer due to faulty light set.

I have updated my ratings to reflect Hansbo's good customer service. As I mentioned before, I do recommend theee lights and buying them through Hansbo.

Take care.

I bought these for my 2014 Honda Shadow Phantom. Had it professionally installed as my bike was at the shop for service. I have two on the handle bar and two on the engine frame; with separate switches.

The lights are of decent quality based on the price they are charging. Definitely not very high end, but neither they are cheap looking. Metal housing has nice finish, wiring is good, lights glass surface is polished, and switches seems to be sturdy. You do get an extra switch, so use it for something else.

You have to go through the ON-OFF cycle three times to get to the High, Low and Flashing functions. In my case the flashing function is out of sync between the left and the right lights. That is;

Power On once - high beam on both left & right lights
Power On twice - left light flashing, right light is Off
Power On thrice - left lights is Off, right light flashing

When I contacted Hansbo, they were very nice and prompt in addressing the issue and wanted to give me a replacement. Which I decided to take in few months, when I take my bike for a major service to the shop again. I don't plan to use flashing function that much, so no big deal at this time.
*One extra Star for customer service*

The beam is very narrow and unless u r directly in the line of sight of the beam, it's hard to notice. That's LED 'feature' and not necessarily a 'bug'. I have taken few pics from different angles to give you guys an idea; as you can notice in some pics the lights r very bright and in others they are not - it all depends on your line of sight angle.

Night time visibility is good, they do light up the road ahead and you do get noticed by other drivers. Day time visibility is fine; again it depends on line of sight angle.

Esthetically they are awesome. My fellow riders and onlookers have provided good compliments. They all assume the lights cost a fortune - and I am fine with their assumption ;)

In summary, I do recommend these lights and buying it from Hansbo. If you can, get it professionally installed.

I am capping my star count to Three; will update in few months after Hansbo honor their deal and how the lights hold up.


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