Pendaflex Hanging Box Bottom Folder, Standard Green, Letter, 25 per Box (04152X4)



  • Pendaflex Extra Capacity Reinforced Hanging Folders are ideal for large, bulky files
  • The pressboard-reinforced insert allows them to expand 4-inch for up to 800 sheets
  • Poly laminate strips across top edge and bottom fold combat tears and rips; Includes an 8.5 x 11 inch printer-ready label sheet and clear tabs for placement in 5 positions
  • Paper made from 10% recycled fiber with 10% post-consumer fiber
  • Letter size, Standard Green; 25 Per box.
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Product Description

Pendaflex Extra Capacity Reinforced Hanging Folders expand to fit your largest, bulkiest files. A pressboard insert increases capacity 4" to hold up to 800 sheets per folder. Polylaminate strips across top and bottom edges resist rips and tears. Each box includes a printer-ready label sheet and 25 clear 1/5-cut tabs. Letter size, standard green. 25 Per box.

From the Manufacturer

Filing efficiently means using the correct tools and Pendaflex has the right hanging folders for your individual filing style. After all, we invented the world’s first hanging folders more than a half century ago and we haven’t stopped innovating since.

What Kind of Hanging Folder do I need?

My Filing Style The Right Product Why This Product? Addtional Features
I color code my files and need the widest assortment of colors.
Offers the widest selection of colors to support color coded filing and includes lamination on the top edge and bottom fold for superior durability.
Acid FreeSFILifetime Guarantee
I like to file quickly and not search for tabs and inserts.
Ready Tab Reinforced Hanging Folders
With built in tabs that lift up and down, your filing time is quicker and easier. No more searching for tabs and inserts in your drawers. Write directly on the tab for quick set up.
Acid FreeSFILifetime Guarantee
I am a heavy duty filer and my files are stuffed full.
SureHook Reinforced Hanging Folders
SureHook technology means folders stay on track, slide more easily and won't buckle under the pressure of heavy loads. Lamination on the top and bottom creates superior durability.
Acid FreeSFILifetime Guarantee
I am a light filer and don't overstuff my files.
Essentials Hanging Folders.jpeg
Ideal for smaller files and basic filing.
Acid FreeSFI
I only like to use 100% recycled products.
EarthWise 100% Recycled Fiber Hanging Folders
These hanging folders perform as well as standard hanging folders. Made from fibers that are 100% recycled, with 100% post-consumer fiber.
Acid FreeSFI100% Recycled Fiber
I need to file thick reports and bulky projects.
The closed, tear resistant sides prevent items from falling out. Lamination reinforcement adds durability and SureHook technology ensures folders stay on track and don't buckle under the weight of the contents.
Acid FreeSFILifetime Guarantee
I like to keep all my project materials in one file.
SureHook Reinforced Extra Capacity Hanging Pockets
The pocket expands to a 3 1/2" capacity, protects papers and keeps them secure in the folder. Lamination and SureHook technology provide extra durability and superior performance.
Acid FreeSFILifetime Guarantee
I like to categorize my files from A to Z.
SureHook Reinforced Expandable Hanging Files
The nine separate filing sections are pre-printed A to Z for instant categorizing. SureHook technology and lamination at the wear points mean superior durability and performance.
Acid FreeSFILifetime Guarantee
I always subdivide my documents in my hanging folders.
SureHook Reinforced Hanging Folders with Dividers
Kraft dividers with 2 sided fasteners are built-in to hold groups of papers back to back. SureHook technology and lamination at wear points provide superior performance.
Acid FreeSFILifetime Guarantee


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March 22, 2016
Reorganizing personal home files prompted this purchase. I needed wide hanging files for warranty booklets and paperwork. These work great for holding lots of booklets and I have them filled to capacity. I did tape the cardboard spacer to the slots in the bottom of each of these because they have a tendency to want to slip out. It just took a few extra minutes while setting them up but worth the effort in my opinion.

The wire hangers appear to be holding but for how long remains to be seen. I don't anticipate any issues but will update if I have any. Solid. reliable hanging folders from the Pendaflex brand.

I purchased these at full price and this is my honest and unbiased review. I base my opinions solely upon my own experiences and share them to assist other customers with their own purchases.
July 28, 2012
I have been using these types of files for many years in offices and at home. They are indespensable along with regular capacity Pendaflex folders for maintaining files. However, it seems that Pendaflex has recently significantly reduced the quality of the materials used to the point of making them flimsy and not functional. When these folders are loaded the metal bars bow and bend making them hard to handle. The bars are so thin that they act like a knife edge and cut into the file drawer rails instead of sliding along them as is needed. Older Pendaflex folders I have still slide fine along the rails. Also, the paper material of the new folders is considerable thinner than the old folders and I doubt they will last as long as the older, better made folders. I will not buy these folders again and am looking for a studier replacement.
Angela M
January 18, 2016
I have always trusted the Pendaflex brand file folders and hanging folders. These are no exception.

The squared off bottom allows larger files to fit inside better than they fit inside V bottomed hanging files. My larger file folders slip down inside and do not peek out of the top. This is very important as some of my files 1 1/2 inches thick. These files were sticking at the top of my filing drawers and causing jams. My filing drawers are old and have enough trouble to open and close without needing to adding files jamming in the top of the drawers to the mix.

These hanging folders are easy to use and do not have the accordion pleats on the sides that can hang on the edges of files. There is a small piece of thicker paper in the bottom of each hanging folder that helps to keep the bottom of it open so that I can easily drop each file into place. When not in use, or with thinner files, they can be compressed to take up less space in my file drawers without jamming or breaking.

The small tab at the top of each allows me to further note which file goes into that folder. This can make it easier for assistants to file correctly. (Whatever they are teaching in school, it is not how to file alphabetically! Add to the mix that some of my files are not filed alphabetically, and that tiny tab is a help to keep my drawers organized.)

The hooks fit along the rails and glide effortlessly.
November 5, 2016
Excellent quality. When I read some off the reviews, I was nervous because they said not well made. These are reinforced on the bottom at width, the inserts are of thick cardboard which slide under two tabs to hold in place. I set them up yesterday - heavy books. loose leaf binders and file records. Metal tabs to hold on rack were sturdy. I think these are the same quality you will find in your local office supply store and they will cost more. I believe you will be happy with these folders if you need 2
January 20, 2017
I had to replace some old hanging folders that had the flap that holds the metal bar come undone. This is always a problem with hanging folders that are stuffed to capacity. Another flaw that some hanging folders have is flimsy bars that flex too much when you slide the folder around. The bars on these folders seem to be the standard thickness, so I hope they will not bend or jump the rails they hang on. Like all box folders, these come with a cardboard strip to help keep the bottom expanded. In this set, the strips do not stay in place under the slots. It's not a good design. I really wish some creative person would come up with a better system.
May 10, 2016
These are great if you have about 1.5
D. Steinmetz
March 29, 2014
These folders did what I purchased them for, so I'm happy. Another person noted in their review how 'shoddy' the quality of this brand has become. I compared these to some Pendaflex folders I've had for nearly 15 years, and couldn't note any significant differences. The paper of the new ones seems a little softer, but isn't any thinner than the old ones. The company is using more recycled paper now, which may account for that. The metal tabs do appear to bend easier than the old ones, but as long as you don't overload your folders (and they're properly supported in the file cabinet), this shouldn't be a problem. Pendaflex still makes a quality product for a fair price.
May 30, 2014
I've personally used hundreds and purchased thousands of Pendaflex hanging files folders for my company over the last thirty years I've been a great customer. However, at some point I believe the metal hanging rod got changed and the metal bends too easily. Maybe this part was sent off shore and a different metal substituted. When I use 1

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