Premium Crochet Hooks Set with 53-in-1 Knitting Tools (Handle Knitting Hooks, Color Needles, Aluminum Blunt Needles, Row Counter, Counting Circular Ring and more) Crochet Sets for Best Gift Meiho Lives 4336923613

  • 1. Using It Without Pain -- The improved design and soft handle designed to ensure comfortable when using our crochet hook set, no pain with hand, wrist and finger;
  • 2. Hand-Polished Hooks, Using Smooth and Non-Stick Wire -- Our crochet hook shafts are made of smooth aluminum, allowing the yarn to glide effortlessly over it, without any snagging or squeaking. The hook throat is deep enough to catch the yarn, so it will not so sharp to snag or spilt the yarn but easy to get into stitches;
  • 3. Easy to Use -- Each of our crochet hook is marked with its own size, you can easily make the choice according to need, 16 crochet hooks, 16 different size to meet different requirement. And, the other knitting tools in our set would make your weave be easier, so it is also very suitable for beginner;
  • 4. Easy to Carry -- All our 52pcs knitting tools are packed in a cute storage bag, its size just like a pencil bag, so carrying out is also very convenient;
  • 5. A Great Gift Choice -- The Crochet Hooks Set makes an amazing gift for mother, wife, grandmother, tween age girls, hostess gifts and just about everyone! And the crochet set is definitely something that people would love to use and will thank you for.
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

1.Improved No Pain Designed:
Our crochet hooks are made of smooth aluminum alloy and soft handle, designed by technology.
So even if weaving for a long time will not feel hand pain, bring you a pleasant weaving experience.
2. Crochet Hook Size (One Crochet Hook for each size):
0.6MM /0.75MM / 0.9MM / 1.1MM / 1.2MM / 1.5MM / 1.6MM / 1.7MM
2.5MM / 3.0MM / 3.5MM / 4.0MM / 4.5MM / 5.0MM / 5.5MM / 6.0MM
In our crochet hooks set, each of these sizes, there is one hook. So all 16 sizes, enough to meet your daily weaving needs.
3. Package Including:
8 x Silicone Handle Knitting Needles
8 x Blue Handle Knitting Needles
20 x Counting Circular Rings
4 x Suture Needles
4 x Needles Point Protectors
3 x Crooked Needles
2 x Row Counter
1 x Tape Measure
1 x Thimble
1 x Scissors
1 x Crochet Hooks Set Storage Package
Total 53 Knitting Tools in the package.


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Anony Mouse
April 17, 2018
Very inexpensive set of crochet tools. I bought it for the steel hooks and the accessories because I wanted a starter set to learn how to do micro macrame and crochet jewelry.

For 2.50mm and 3.00mm the soft handles are the same color with the same size marking (2.50mm). Only by visual comparison that I know which one is slightly larger. Also the aluminum shaft doesn't go all the way down. I have no doubt that some shafts would come off the handle. If it happens, I'd just E6000 the shaft back into the handle.

The accessories are standard issue that comes with all other prepackaged crochet hook sets.

The aluminum hooks are not good in quality. The metal is dull thus the yarn doesn't glide easily. I also bought a set of Tulip Etimo hooks. The difference in quality and ease of use is pretty drastic. I can't believe how smooth the Tulip hooks are when crocheting. At first I was hoping that these inexpensive hooks would be good enough to make me return the set of Tulip Etimo. After test drive, even a newbie crocheter like me can tell the difference and liking the Tulip set way better.
March 4, 2018
I was skeptical because there is an item extremely similar to this item being sold for about 10 dollars, but since this was 3.99 and qualified for amazon prime, I went with it. It is exactly as described and comes with everything!
K Rector
March 25, 2018
This complete set of crochet tools is perfect! I paid more for one hook at a local store. If only I had thought to look here first!
Heather Creary
June 16, 2018
These needles are great!! Itu2019s a nice set. Well put together. Everything fits nicely in the case. There are a few items that are cheaply make but it doesnu2019t take away from the set. Delivery was delayed but they more than made up for it. Items Well packaged, great customer service.
Amazon Customer
June 17, 2018
The crochet hooks are very cheap and they slide apart all the time.
June 12, 2018
Most parts of this product are okay, but the most important part is the ergonomic crochet hooks. I do not recommend them. The first time I used the 3.0 mm hook, it slid out of the handle and would not go back in all the way, rendering it unusable. I've only used the 5mm (which was okay) and the 3mm, which broke.
Amanda Thompson
August 24, 2018
I'm a serious crochet enthusiast and bought this set because I was missing a few hook sizes. I found the stitch markers and the row counters especially convenient, along with the cute pouch.
March 16, 2018
For the price these are a good deal!

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