REVEW 20PCS Cord End Caps for Jewelry Making, Magnetic Clasps for Leather with Locking Leather Rope Necklace/Bracelet Buckle(Silver Gold 8) 4336826358


:Gold - Silver

  • ---Material : Quality Copper and Magnet, Reliable quality, stronger suction.
  • ---Package included: 20 sets
  • ---The hole inside diameter:3/4/5/6/7/8mm--Fit for 3/4/5/6/7/8mm cord
  • ---Open or close with twist the magnetic clasp. This is a perfect design, it can instead of ordinary rope knot, more solid, more durable, more convenient.
  • ---Applicable to a variety of material chains, such as: leather rope, pleather, silk, and, satin, cord, necklaces. In the hole of the button and the end of the rope, add a similar glue like DAB, and then insert the end of the rope with the same hole diameter into the hole until it is glued. Use for making leather cord. Bracelet, necklace and another DIY project.
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Color:Gold - Silver

Product Details
Magnetic Clasp with Locking Mechanism
Product Package: A set of 20pcs.
The Making Of A Perfect Gift
1. Prepare the same diameter of the rope, lock and glue.
2. Identify the ends of the catch and prepare the interface to be connected to the cord.
3. In the interface coated with glue, then the rope into the hole, both ends of the practice is the same.
4. Wait until the glue is dry, you can wear it.
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Metal Bender
February 20, 2018
They look good, but difficult to open. While the magnet is strong, and there is a tiny catch to turn before pulling ends apart, they are slippery. I am a silversmith with 20 years experience and I do not have arthritis, but I anticipate customers (mostly women) having difficulty opening these clasps. If there were grooves, or adornments on these clasps, they would be much easier to open. Perhaps, they would be easier to open with leather cord clued into them. I am not returning them because of shipping cost. I have purchased other 6mm round magnetic clasps that were much easier to open and just as secure (from different vendors).
August 5, 2018
I've got them today. The 5 mm leather cord fits perfect into the holes. Magnets are strong. I am not sure why the only review at the moment is just one star but I still decided to give it a chance because it was the only of this size (5mm) I found on Amazon XD .I will update review if I notice something wrong with this product
May 27, 2018
Really nice magnetic clasps. There came in a variety of sizes and they lock into a little niche. Many magnetic clasps have a tendency to come undone, but these stay on.
August 4, 2018
Hi - They were just what I needed. They were easy to use. The magnets are very strong.
I used them on cord bracelets.

Thank you. These were a great choice.
H Rose Drummond
May 18, 2018
quick delivery seem to be good quality
Amazon Customer
January 24, 2018
JUNK.... doesn't hold up....... comes apart really easy
August 16, 2018
I love these. When I first read about them, I thought it must be a pain in the neck to lock it each time. Then I read more reviews about some of the magnets not holding and losing the bracelets. Now I see why.
They arrived faster than most and fit my beaded bracelets.
May 30, 2018
Nicely made product.

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