• Cut in reverse and weed (Siser 20" wide).
  • This material is thick, Cricut: Blade: Standard,Setting: Iron On+; Silhouette Cameo:Blade: Standard 4,Speed 8, Thickness 11; Scan N Cut: Blade 3, Cut Speed 1, Cut Pressure 5.
  • It can be used for the following materials: 100% cotton, 100% polyester and all poly/cotton blends. Because of its thinness, it's extremely easy to cut, weed, and heat apply and is perfect for single color or multi-layered applications.
  • Glitter™ is CPSIA Certified, so it's perfect for decorating children's clothing and accessories.
  • PU composition • Pressure sensitive backing • Glitter finish
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!
Color:Silver confetti


100% cotton • 100% uncoated polyester • poly/cotton blends • Lightly Siliconed Nylon • Lycra®/spandex (Will adhere to fabric but may crack when stretched) • Leather • Sublimated polyester HEAT APPLICATION Time: 10-15 Seconds • Temperature: 320° F / 160° C • Pressure: Firm • Peel: cold CARE INSTRUCTIONS Do not dry clean • Machine wash WARM / mild detergent • Dry at normal setting • No chlorine bleach • Wait 24 hours before first wash


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Amazon Customer
July 12, 2016
I typically don't write reviews, but I felt like I needed to on this product. I ordered this roll of Siser easy weed glitter HTV, paying nearly 4 times the price I have paid on other websites (I pay $3.25/ sheet for the exact same thing) because I needed it quickly and it had prime shipping. The vinyl came rolled up in a tight little cylinder. Many companies ship their vinyl rolled, so I didn't think much of it, even though it was rolled incredibly tightly. When I finally unrolled the vinyl for use, the glitter HTV separated from the carrier sheet. I smoothed it back down to place it on my cutting may, but it continued to separate. When I finally thought I had it stuck down enough to use, I went ahead and began cutting my project. As my machine cut, the vinyl came up from the carrier sheet. My project was completely ruined and the HTV is completely unusable. For a product that had such an inflated price, I cannot believe the quality. I have used Siser easy weed glitter HTV many times, and I have had no problem until now. It is not the item itself, but the way it was handled for shipping.
Diedra B
June 20, 2016
Im not quite sure this is Siser...First and foremost, it came rolled up as thin as a pencil. When I unrolled it to use it....the htv was separating from the transfer sheet that it comes on.. It wouldn't stick back down to the sheet. When I put it in my cutter, it was a tragic mess. A whole sheet ruined and a waste of money. I even tried to tape down the edges... Still didn't work. I'm disappointed. I am hoping that it was just a bad batch. :(
August 23, 2017
I did not contact the seller about the flaw in the material because I had a deadline and had to use the vinyl - fortunately I had ordered extra. As the picture show, the first inch on the roll was not sticky enough to stick to the transfer paper. I wasn't sure this was going to be a big deal until I cut my first piece of vinyl. Since the transfer paper stuck to my cutting mat easily enough the actual vinyl moved during cutting. I received 5 rolls and all 5 rolls have this issue. I'm not sure what caused it - I don't believe it to be a fault in the vinyl - rather in the way it was cut by the seller (or original purchaser) or stored by them. I love Siser EasyWeed and the rest of the vinyl cut like I expected of Siser EasyWeed.
March 8, 2018
I ordered this vinyl for a t shirt I was making my daughter for our upcoming Disney trip and its beautiful! the color is def hot pink and so glittery ( I also ordered the silver confetti)
The only issue I have is it seems thicker than other HTV I've ordered. it was a little harder to peel apart to iron and it was hard to see the cut lines in order to trim down the vinyl but the price was cheap enough that it didn't matter to me. the Silver Confetti color is awesome. its almost holographic looking. it doesn't photograph as cool as it looks in person. The silver one didn't seem as thick as the Hot Pink but like I said the price was right so I'm happy with my purchase. I even ordered more of the Silver confetti.
Kasie M Gregory
May 23, 2017
THIS IS NOT SISER EASY WEED!!! I ordered this like most others who needed it quicker than other avenues. I ordered 2 sheets of the white glitter for a project. It was rolled tight like others have said, cool not a problem. I thinking I have flattened it out enough. So, I go to cut it with my machine and it keeps getting stuck because it is still trying to curl. I pretty much ruined a full roll trying to cut something very simple. After I finally get it to cut what I needed I got to weed it. IT IS NOT WEEDING RIGHT! It is NOT SISER! I have lots of other colors of siser and have used siser white glitter before cutting with the same settings and a new blade like this one. They weed right this does not! I will probably throw the other sheet I have into my cheap vinyl drawer. I will NOT be purchasing from these people again! I normally read reviews before I purchase things. Not thinking this would be an issue buying 2 sheets of white, I didn't think to look at the reviews. Note to self: READ THE REVIEWS!! I would not have purchased from them. If I wanted crap vinyl I would have gotten some at Walmart!!!
Amazon Customer
July 9, 2016
I was very disappointed in this HTV. I did have an issue with the vinyl separating from the clear transfer sheet. I've used rolled HTV in the past and have never had this issue before. The vinyl slipped during cutting as well as during application. I was even able to peel the vinyl off of the finish product even after applying heat to it. This was not the quality siser HTV I'm used to using.
Adam D
April 10, 2018
DO NOT BUY! I could not use over half of this roll. When I did it jammed and ruined my cricut. The backing pulled away from the iron on front. Was wrinkled and already pulling apart. Quality overall is much cheaper than siser brand products. Much thinner and more flimsy. Obvious cheap feel to it compared to all of my other siser vinyl. Should have known better than to put it through machine. Cheap. I do not even think it is the actual Siser brand because I only use their products and I have never had this issue. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER
Miriam Like
August 30, 2016
This was not sold by Siser but by a company called Dingwood or something. I concur with the reviewer from June 2016. The transfer film was separate from the htv in my order as well. I was able to use it on one shirt and from there it was a hot mess! Seriously not recommending to crafting friends. A waste of my money and time.

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