Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer and Splatter Shield Bundle - Includes Best Patented Shield AND Premium Adjustable Diapers Sprayer - Pre-Rinse Messy Laundry and Prevent Mess

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The perfect gift for any cloth diapering family! Includes a premium, adjustable Spray Pal cloth diaper sprayer to help make cleaning diapers EASY and the patented Spray Pal splatter shield to make it mess-free and hands-free! Prevent germs and mess with our shield which is large enough to completely contain most standard cloth diapers. This is the perfect cloth diapering accessory combo for when you're getting ready to start feeding your baby solid foods. Saves you time and money on cleaning supplies and disposable liners. Just spray the diaper off, spray the inside of the splatter shield, close the shield doors and squeeze/bend to remove excess water, then unclip the diaper into your laundry bag. We're on a mission to #makeclothmainstream and make sticking with cloth diapers easy for every family!


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brandi boice
January 22, 2017
This combo is amazing and the customer service at Spray Pal is outstanding! I am sometimes hesitant to order from Amazon due to knockoffs and things of that sort so when I received my spray pal and sprayer, I contacted their customer support and they were more than happy to visually verify that I had indeed received a genuine set and were quite friendly and even gave me a few tips on using the system. The sprayer is top quality and the spray pal is a must have! Both my sister and myself use this sprayer and spray pal combo and love it! Definitely read the directions and follow the proper care and usage instructions. Make sure to turn the pressure to the hose off after each use and shake the remaining water out of the hose to prolong the life of the hose and prevent any water droplets from coming out the next time you turn the hose on. (Which could happen from the pressure of the hose being turned on if there is excess water left over from last time). That being said, there is absolutely no leaking or any issues with this unit. Also, I like that it's really easy to flip the switch on when you want to use it and off again when your done. The whole unit is really easy to install and wipe clean/disinfect. This has been a complete game changer for us and now I couldn't imagine going back to cleaning diapers without it. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.
June 28, 2016
If you are going to do cloth diapers, this is a MUST BUY! This made cleaning out the diapers an absolute breeze. After a year and a half of using it, everything has still held together well. The sprayer has a high force of water, making it very effective in getting everything off the diaper. It is easy to use, easy to grip. The shield is obviously of good quality, the clip is strong and sturdy. After using it for this long, I still can't seem to find any reasons why anybody shouldn't get this product. I'd recommend it to anyone who's cloth diapering!
Jamie W
July 24, 2016
The sprayer has a nice strong spray. It stays on the hanger it comes with no issues. I was worried it would drop or be to easy to bump and spray the bathroom but that has not been the case. We were turning it off by the little valve when we first got it, now I leave it on all the time. I have found I'm using The sprayer for non diaper related things (spraying off shoes, rinsing out The bathroom trashcan) The spray pal holds my diapers great. I even am able to clip my inserts in easy to rinse off. If you don't have plopables you need this when baby starts solids. I would recommend both the sprayer and the spray pal.
March 23, 2018
No issues with our set. Got it installed fine, works great. We turn the water off after each use to minimize wear on the seals and prevent possible leaks. The spray pal works great 98% of the time. The other time it's user error and we end up with diaper water shot on the shower door, floor, the bathroom scale, and my socks occasionally. The clamp is good and strong and has never let me down. Overall, I'm happy with this and glad to not be dunking diapers the old fashioned way.
Busy Momma
May 18, 2016
I bought this after seven years of owning a Bumgenius Sprayer. I always left my old sprayer on with no problems. I left this one on and it flooded upstairs and I had water pouring out of my dining room chandelier downstairs. What a mess. The spray pal is great but the sprayer will not save you in the long run. It has proven to be an expensive endeavor. Go with Bumgenius for years of performance and no damage to your home.
Sarah Jacobo
February 1, 2016
All in all its a really good idea to have a sprayer and a spray shield stuff does splatter and it's not fun when it does. The costumer service was great! I got sent a broken spray shield The bottom on the bottom was broken, BUT I emailed the seller and they sent me a brand new one free of charge
The NEXT DAY that was fast!!! I loved that thank you Spray pal! I do not use my sprayer or shield as much as I thought because it is connected to the toilet and gives me cold water. which doesn't help me get out any of our stains as effectively as hot water does. So I'm thinking of just building a utility sink and hooking it up to the hot water
Kimberly W.
January 29, 2018
This has definitely made cloth diapering much, much easier. I can't belive we ever went without it. The spray shield is so helpful, no more getting water splashed back on me. The sprayer is better than other ones I've tried. If you're going to cloth diaper, this is a must buy!
Olivia Block
August 12, 2016
Super easy to install. The sprayer is awesome and moves fluidly which is great when you're spraying poo off a dirty diaper. The clipboard is seemingly useless for us, the width of it clears the toilet edges so it doesn't really assist with containing the post-spray liquid and you even if you fold it and press the life out of it, the diaper is still pretty full of water and it's bulky and hard to manage while spraying and holding a dirty diaper. I now just hold the diaper deep into the toilet, use the sprayer, fold it up and squeeze with my hands.

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