Square D by Schneider Electric HOM115DFC Homeline 15-Amp Single-Pole Dual Function Circuit Breaker, 1-Inch Format

  • Homeline, 15A, Single Pole, Circuit Breaker
  • 1 Space Per Pole
  • Dual Function Circuit Breaker
  • Combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters CAFI, 120V, Bulk
  • Plug-on design, easy to install
  • Compatible with all Home line load centers
  • Rated for 120 VAC, 10,000 AIR
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Product Description

Home line Amp 1-pole Dual Function Circuit Breaker is a space and labor saving device, engineered to meet prevailing National Electric Code requirements. This device combines 2 critical technologies; Combination Arc Fault protection and Ground Fault protection (class A) in a single, easy-to-install device. The National Electric Code now requires both Combination Arc Fault and Ground Fault protection on all 1-Pole, Amp and 20 Amp kitchen and laundry circuits. Prior to the release of this new device, a contractor or homeowner's only choice would have been to use a Combination Arc Fault circuit breaker in conjunction with an expensive, bulky ground fault receptacle. The new dual function help reduce cost and eliminate the hassle of using 2 separate devices to provide this essential protection. It's a win for contractors and homeowners alike. Like all Square D CAFI , it is integrated with time saver diagnostics, a unique feature that provides additional circuit information and minimizes troubleshooting at the touch of a button.

From the Manufacturer

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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September 11, 2015
Used this on a pool light circuit that previously had a sub panel box with a bad GFCI breaker. I was able to ditch the sub panel box and run this GFCI/CAFCI breaker right at my new Square D Homeline panel. Only complaint is the size of this breaker. The tunnel on my main panel is incompatible with such a large footprint breaker. The tunnel was not really needed so I left it off and the new breaker fit. If these were 50% cheaper I'd buy more so I could eliminate a lot of the GFCI outlets around my older house.
July 24, 2017
As described
S Stork
February 15, 2015
accurate description.
paul s wozniak
July 15, 2015
Safety First Perfect
February 12, 2016
This is a very nice hard cover book with the history of the movie, director and actors. The actual disc has a nest inside the book for safe keeping. The movie is one of a kind. Funny and entertaining.

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