TurnRaise 20W High Power 2000LM Led Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Motorbike Led Spot Light for Bicycles Motorcycles Cars Trucks Boat Using 4326587368

  • Ultra bright 20W 4-LED waterproof spotlight
  • Aluminum Alloy Radiator not only gives cool shape but also provide excellent heat radiation
  • 2.0-2.5CM Mount Clamp perfer to install on handlebar of your bike, OR remove the clamp it became an OFFROAD LIGHT
  • Compatible with DC 12V-80V car or motorcycle.
  • Energy-saving design, easy to install and safe to use.
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

Brand new and high quality
LED life span over 50000 hours
5W each LED of total 0W output, 000 Lumens
Range: 00 meters
Material:aluminum alloy light body
Universal fit for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boat.

Package included
x LED Light


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M. Palmer
August 5, 2016
Make sure your hi/lo switch is working, because on high this thing looks like an alien abduction in progress. Bright. Really, really bright. Local authorities stopping you to have a word about distracting other drivers bright. Sure I'll help you find your lost contact let me just hit the headlight... there it is. Oops, melted it. Bright. Bright like an 8 year old taking calculus. Did I mention it's bright?

I personally am adding a dimmer switch. You may be into blinding people, that's your call.
November 8, 2018
Buying my second one. Super bright, runs cool, and is great bang for the buck, but it's not remotley waterproof out of the box. I'd rate 5 stars if they didn't advertise as such.

That said, by unscrewing the housing and applying a little silicone to it and the power lead, it can be made very waterproof. Also, while you have it opened up, be sure to tie a knot in the lead for strain relief. Taking the time to do this nets you a solid outdoor light.
March 8, 2018
At 20.0 V and a temperature of 21 C, I measured an initial current draw of 0.534 A or 10.7 W. Sitting on a box without forced convection, the case temperature asymptoted to around 59 C and the current draw fell to 0.470 A for a power consumption of 9.40 W. The power draw was a mild function of voltage with 9.68 W observed at 15.0 V and 9.30 W observed at 30.0 V while in thermal steady state with no perceptible change in light intensity.

The heat sinks appear to be sized to keep the light touchable with no convective cooling. With force convection on a bicycle or motorcycle, I would expect the unit to run cool and probably operate at above 10 W input power. That said, 10 W is half of the rated power consumption.

The light production is also unremarkable. I unfortunately don't have a photometer, but comparison with two lights of fairly well known output suggest that this unit is somewhere in the range of 900 to 1200 lm. This would be consistent with a typical cheap LED efficiency of ~100 lm/W.
dave suttle
August 20, 2018
this little light is mounted on the front of the boat for docking at night. mounted to the green and red marker light pole with the motorcycle switch i ordered extra.
chris Hall
June 7, 2017
Very bright for such a small unit. Am amazed at how far it shines it will order another one for sure!
jason w zhu
September 7, 2018
i put it on my boat so bright but litter small
August 28, 2018
Great product.
Christy Eads
July 14, 2018
Pretty darn bright for its tiny size.

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