URO Parts 955 421 020 SUP Driveshaft Support Bearing Assembly

  • Single Quantity
  • No Core Charge Req.
  • Weight: 1.1lbs
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

URO 955 41 00 SUP Drive Shaft Center SupportNo Core Charge RequiredParts Interchange 95540SUP, 955 41 00 SUP, 4400178, 4 4001 78


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christopher nealis
January 23, 2013
OK, let me say upfront, just buy the remanufactured drive shaft. This way you can get your core charge refunded. The moment you tamper with the split s*** and attempt to repair this bearing the core charge is lost. (trust me you will be buying the shaft one way or the other. The deal is this, on the head of the bearing where the U-Joints are located is a machined aluminum cup. To get to the bearing you have to cut away this cup VERY carefully to gain access to the repair. In doing so you destroy the aluminum cup and it is in no way serviceable after the fact. To compensate for this. The manufacturer of the bearing supplies you with a thin rubber boot to take the place of the machined aluminum cup. Once installed and greased, coupled with re-assembly the boot will self destruct at about 70mph. Shred out followed by bearing failure.
Then you will end up buying the replacement remanufactured shaft from one of the national companies that specialize in this. The remanufactured shaft will come with the aluminum cover crimped exactly as needed as well as a more robust outer race of the bearing as compared to OEM. (this is the reason you are replacing the bearing in the first place.
I know its tempting to spend 50 dollars as opposed to 350-550 for the reman shaft. However. play it smart and just get the shaft.
Once my shaft was delivered I was able to install it completely in about 2 hours. Drop the exhaust. It's coupled at the manifold and comes down easy. Then proceed to drop the old shaft and insert the new shaft. Too Easy. There is a special 12 point star bit for the rear shaft coupling. (It can be bought at NAPA for about 3 dollars) No Other special tools necessary other than you 1/2 drive socket set.
July 7, 2013
The rubber of the bearing is too tender.
After exchange, vibration occurred.
It broke off three days later.
I did not have any problem when I changed it for a different product.
It is time-consuming parts with inferiority.
I returned this one.

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