Vivian's bridal Tie Out Cable for Dogs, 32 Feet, Blue Vivian' s Bridal

  • Flexible rust resistant vinyl-coated galvanized cable, clips on collar and stake
  • High quality tested twin-swivel design prevents tangling
  • Strong comfort snaps on both ends can be easily attached to a post or stake which protect pet neck well
  • Dog weight rated, run anywhere along the length of tie out and never get out of range
  • Direct connection for added strength, control the dog effectively without being in a cage
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

Diameter: 1.7"
Length: 32 Feet
Color: Blue
Material: Flexible Rust Resistant Vinyl-coated Galvanized Cable

Dog Tie Out Cable
The tie out is an essential tool for pet to restrain behavior and training. Besides that, it is also the most portable safe equipment in the travel and outdoor condition. Simply use the hooks to affix the pet tie out cable between two stationary objects, like screw eye, stake, trees, post and so on. High quality tested twin-swivel design prevents tangling. The most reliable appliance for your pet controls the move range and not limit the pet in a small cage. And the spring at the clip of the tie out prevents jerking the pet reach to the end of line.
It's the best choice for you and your pet.
If any question, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you!


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February 2, 2018
Both swivel eyes came apart in a shot time of use. The cable works great but for a dog that's not very big and isn't tied up very often I would recommend better quality.
October 29, 2018
just what I need
Brandi Henderson
January 28, 2017
When it came it stunk up the lower are of my house. It smelled like intense rubber an I had to put it outside in the yard immediately. It's a cute cable but it's thin and I wish they'd give a range of what is the maximum weight it can stand. My dog it 60 lb and she gave it one good yank and it snapped then she was off. (She didn't run too far. She's a house dog and doesn't like being outside alone.) it was a nice length i'll give it that but I'm SUPER BUMMED IT BROKE! D: And I haven't even used it that many times.
Michael W. Lloyd
April 13, 2018
Arrived as described. One of the clasps failed after two weeks of use. Would look elsewhere.
January 4, 2017
So far so good my dog hasn't chewed through it yet.

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