Walnut Hollow Replacement Points Tips for Woodburners and Hot Tools Set No.2 24084



  • Quality replacement parts
  • Fit all Walnut Hollow Hot Tools (current and discontinued)
  • 5 Piece Assortment
  • Fits all Walnut Hollow hot tools -Versa Tool (38283), Value Wood burner (5570), Hot Marks (24422), Beginner (24911) and Detailer (24414)
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Interchangeable metal Points for all Walnut Hollow hot tools. Includes Mini Universal, Mini Flow, Shading, Texture 'n' Tone and Calligraphy Points. Fits Walnut Hollow item numbers 38283, 5570, 28094, 24414, 24911 and 24422.


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Elizabeth A. Pilla
November 21, 2016
Perfect, works with my no name brand wood burning tool and allowed me to complete a beautiful table for a friend.
Great assortment of tips too and solid construction!!
Lindsey B
April 11, 2016
These replacement points fit my wood burner perfectly and they're not even the same brand, which was nice since my real brand's prices were double digits more for the same basic replacement tips. The gold finish hasn't come off with a few uses, and these don't burn with as much as a chemical smell that my original pieces did. Great product and great price.
Amazon Customer
January 29, 2018
Good for what they are. Anyone not liking them is do to there skill using in expensive wood burning tips. I used this particular set to file into particular shapes not found else where , but fit my needs perfectly. Perfect for the money.
September 25, 2018
I bought these for having more types of tips for my wood burning tool. I bought the basic one so it come with as many tips. Good quality tips.
February 4, 2018
Fits the Walnut Hollow wood burning tool perfectly and provides a variety of different options for pyrography projects!
C. Logan
September 16, 2016
Pretty much same ones that came with the kit except for the one point I really needed. I traded up for a Colwood anyhow. Just use this tool for transfering images, which that tip wasn't in this set, it came with the kit.
Michelle Marie
May 17, 2013
These tips fit my walnut hallow wood burning tool and are easy to take on and off. I especially love the mini flow point, it is my favorite tip. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a walnut hallow wood burning tool as you can create very detailed designs with all the tips included.
June 16, 2018
I Love these tips they work so well .

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